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Semper, one of the most trusted brands within infant nutrition, has been developing and creating baby food and infant nutrition for over 70 years.


Excellent quality, absolute safety and great taste.


Semper business was started in Latvia in 2012. Right after successful start, faster than in half year (2013), it was decided to give distribution rights to „Vilandra“ for Lithuania market as well. Semper became one of the TOP4 baby food brands in few years. Based on the successful results, Vilandra was also entrusted with the Estonian market, and as a result, Semper has been successfully expanding in all Baltic countries since 2015. Over few years, Vilandra has reached high targets, built brand awareness, loyal customers, and has also won several Nielsen awards for best-selling novelties in the baby food category. Semper one of Vilandra brands 2012-2019.