Marketing and Sales – the principal axis of our activity.

We are experts of the shelves

Our merchandisers specializing in mass sales and pharmacy channels take into account the specifics of each chain or channel and ensure shelf management and best visibility of products in each point of sale. The managers using most recent technologies ensure timely and quality fulfilment of agreements regarding the shelves with retail chains and manufacturer.

We offer the following services to our partners:

  • excellent knowledge and skills of shelf and category management;
  • broad and targeted coverage of retail network;
  • flexible adaptation of the points of sale visiting schedule according to the needs of product seasonality, special offers, introduction of novelties and increase in distribution as well as other targets;
  • fulfilment of central agreements with retail chains regarding product range and display in the stores of retail chains;
  • display of products in retail points of sale ensuring optimum stock and visibility;
  • implementing special offer campaigns ensuring timely distribution, display and design of the products;
  • shelf audit: expedient provision of detailed information about stock, display of products, fulfilment of agreements, competitors and other indicators at a point of sale in numbers and pictures.

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Consulting and training. A team of experienced medical representatives visits, consults and provides information about products to medical institutions, doctors, pharmacists, and nursing specialists. We also organise relevant and up-to-date training and workshops for them.