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SONETT – a pioneer in ecological laundry detergents and cleaners since 1977. The Sonett products are now available in almost all European countries. Sonett‘s corporate philosophy and quality concept is based on anthroposophic spiritual science. Dynamized ingredients Due to our responsibility for the renaturation of waste water, there are Sonett washing and cleaning agents substances which have been rhythmatised in an oloide mixer, and work with process water that is swirled in twelve egg-shaped glass vessels. Selection of the raw materials All of the ingredients are completely biodegradable and free of enzymes, petrochemical surfactants, fragrances, dyestuffs, preservatives, bleach activators, etc. Raw materials from controlled biodynamic and organic cultivation 100% of the olive oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and shea butter, as well as all the essential oils, originate from controlled organic cultivation. Sources of energy Half of Sonett‘s company electrical energy is obtained straight from a small hydroelectric power station close by, whose capacity is used up almost entirely by our company. The other half is supplied by Greenpeace Energy. The heating is provided by jointly operating a state-of-the-art woodchips plant with Camphill Workshops Lehenhof. Since 2015 Sonett has been certified according to the CSE standard (Certified Sustainable Economics) of the Association for Applied Business Ethics. Contrary to pure product certification, this label comprises the entire company. In addition to ecological product requirements, the company’s social and ethical orientations are certified.