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NATURAL DISCOVERIES WITH PROBIOTICS FOR CLEAN HOME AND FAMILY Products for clean home, kitchen, bathroom and workplace Mini product sets for unexpected situations Personal care products FOR A CLEAN HOME Probiotic cleaning products are natural and effectively remove impurities. Products are safe and sparing for the cleaned surfaces, can be used without waring protective gloves. All cleaners can be used in houses with biological waste management systems. Synergistic effect of the active components is closely examined, what enables to ensure effective cleaning and germ protection for up to 8 days. FOR A CLEAN KITCHEN It is crucial to use healthy cleaning products where food is made – from floor tiles to the tops of cupboards. Entrust this chore to the natural and effective PROBIOTIC products that will not only clean but also protect you from allergic reactions. FOR A CLEAN BATHROOM Bathroom is not a place exclusively for hygiene procedures – it is also haven for relaxation. That‘s why we want it to be cosy, clean and fresh-scented. PROBIOTIC cleaners are irreplaceable assistants at fighting mould, ingrained dirt in hard-to-reach places and unpleasant toilet smells. FOR A CLEAN WORKPLACE Did you know that there are 400 times more bacteria on the office table than on the toilet cover, and 100 times more than on the kitchen table? Try our unique workplace cleaning product with probiotics and let your clear ideas be generated in a clean working environment. EVERYDAY LIFE & TRAVELLING Probiotic producs for travelling and unexpected everyday situations will help to avoid unpleasant surprises related to stains and unpleasant odours while being on the go. PERSONAL CARE Liquid hand soaps are composed of natural nonirritant ingredients and probiotic fermentation products, that enrich the product with proteins and vitamins. Extracted by fermenting probiotic organisms these natural ingredients along with oils and extracts positively affect your hand skin – nourishes, sooths and regenerates. This exceptional quality liquid hand soap not only will clean and protect your hands, but will balance micro flora of your hands and will turn hand washing into enjoyable beauty and health procedure.