Marketing and Sales – the principal axis of our activity.

Why choose VILANDRA? Because we have guaranteed competitive advantages in the markets of the Baltic states.

  • We have close and time-tested partnership relations with strong international and Lithuanian manufacturers and retailers.
  • A wide range of high-quality goods and their competent selection.
  • We understand and manage the marketing of products very well. We are pleased to share this knowledge and experience with our partners.
  • Effective and non-standard structure of our company allows us to focus on product marketing and sales channels.
  • Impeccable reputation, stable financial condition, constant search for prospects and growth tells a lot about us to our partners, clients and consumers.
  • Our team of qualified management, finance, sales and marketing specialists is always ready to expediently handle all matters. We do not have problems, only tasks, which are dealt with here and now.
  • We have considerable experience in both mass sales and pharmacy channels.